Digital Banking for Consumers & Businesses 

Drive greater lifetime value with Alogent Digital and bring mobile, online, and voice banking together in a unified, open and API-driven platform. Sitting at the heart of your digital ecosystem, NXT increases engagement through simple and intuitive user journeys that leverage user behavior data and predictive analytics. 

  • Complete digital ecosystem powered by a modern platform and SDK, paired with complementary solutions
  • Premium UX for a simple user journey
  • Rapid deployment and go-to-market
  • Security without compromising UX
  • Extensive partnership network

It's time: Make the move to NXT level digital innovation

Modern Digital Banking from Any Device

Reduce abandonment and increase engagement. With feature-rich capabilities and integrated tools like chat bots, personal financial management (PFM), planning tools, and other functionality, users benefit from a one-stop-shop for all things mobile and web. Easy-to-use, responsive features deliver seamless self-service capabilities that enable users the freedom to bank on their own terms.

Leverage User Behavior Data to Increase Engagement

Engage Users Quickly and Effectively with a Simple User Journey

Build a Complete Digital Ecosystem from End-to-End

Rapid Deployment, Quick Integration, and Go-To-Market


NXT Level Innovation